Leadership Talent

Leadership talent looking for the next step

We will ask the right questions so you can find your next career move

A good leader is not someone who can do anything. A good leader effectively uses his core strengths and those of his employees.
We will show you which roles and activities will suit you best and uncover the aspects of your job that require more insight into your inner drives. You will be able to steer your own behaviour and that of others more effectively.

This is the basis of our multi-level approach:

  1. Assessment
    We challenge you and guide you in determining what you really want.
  2. On-boarding
    Once we’ve found the next move to make in your career, we offer you guidance in your new role.
  3. Coaching
    We make sure you are fully integrated and on a course towards true leadership.

Benefits of working with Watson & Associates

  • High quality service
  • Tailor-made approach, because each leader is unique
  • Bold & honest communication
  • Dedication, based on our passion for people
  • Guiding you towards success
  • Experienced
  • Ethical