Companies looking for leadership talent

We will ask the right questions so you can find the right talent

Every situation demands a different kind of leadership.
Different people and different contexts need a different approach.
That’s why it’s important not to look for the best leader, but for the right leader in a particular context. Only then will you find and keep the best talent.

This is the basis of our multi-level approach:

  1. Assessment
    We challenge you and guide you in determining what you really need.
  2. On-boarding
    Once we have found the talent, we offer them guidance in their new role.
  3. Coaching
    We make sure they are fully integrated and on a course to reach their full potential within your context.

Benefits of working with Watson & Associates

  • High quality service
  • Tailor-made approach, based on your unique context
  • Bold & honest communication
  • Dedication, based on our passion for people
  • Guiding your new leadership towards success
  • Experienced
  • Ethical