Watson & Associates

Watson & Associates is an executive search firm offering you an integrated approach to identify, profile & develop leadership talent.

Our unique approach provides you with relevant insights into organisational, team and individual needs and guides you towards authentic leadership.

In order to reduce interpersonal complexity, we use highly effective tools to unlock motivational patters that drive teams or an organization.

Whether it’s about finding the right talent, team performance, leadership skills, a sales approach or a company strategy, once you see the dynamics at work, you can make changes necessary to achieve your goals:

  • Attract the right talent
  • Improve individual or team communication
  • Learn more about non-verbal communication
  • Increase the effectiveness of meetings
  • Create optimal cooperation in teams
  • Enhance your personal leadership style
  • Strengthen the sales performance
  • Improve negotiation skills
  • Maximise the success of self-managing teams
  • Get insight on motivational factors and lead a merger or cultural change successfully


We find the right leadership talent for your workplace


We profile the leadership talent on your workforce


We develop your leadership talent through learning journeys to become authentic and inspirational leaders