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I am inspired by people

When I started my career in the recruitment industry, it was all about connecting with people. I quickly learned a central truth about making connections: if you don’t reach people in the right way, whether it’s your team, your peers, your boss, a client, a colleague or a supplier… achieving your goals efficiently will always be difficult.

I am intrigued by what drives us

Why do people do what they do? Why do I do what I do? Our actions are based on beliefs and beliefs are linked to our personal values. Our actions are expressions of our model of the world. Understanding these dynamics are key if you connect better with others.

I aim to inspire

By reducing interpersonal complexity and increasing individual emotional awareness I aim to inspire and be inspired by authentic leaders.

I’m all about results

I guide teams to become more decisive and work together with more harmony and efficiency so they can get things moving and fully enjoy who they are and what they have accomplished. I make sure innovative ideas are transformed into innovative action.

My trademark

An energetic & pragmatic approach

Layla El Mourabit

Headhunter | Certified Leadership Coach | Master Coach in Micro-Expressions | Transformation Trainer


I love to work for and with people and believe in the magic of co-creation. Witnessing my clients taking steps in their personal & professional growth and unleash their full potential, gives me energy!

I believe in the approach of Watson & Associates to bring more emotional awareness within organisations. One of my drives is to connect with people and share knowledge, therefore I’m excited to connect with Watson and share my experience & expertise to support our clients.

Thanks to my 20+ years of experience as an HR generalist, working in various industries and in fascinating roles:  people, strategic, sales and HR advisory and lifelong learning, I love to guide and inspire people towards authentic & inspirational leadership.

My trademark

Warm, open & no-nonsense approach

Wendy van Nunen

Certified systemic coach | transformation trainer | Profiler


Socrates already knew that “to know thyself is the start of all wisdom”. Let that self-knowledge and emotional awareness just be one of my important goals in which I want to develop others and myself. That way we can all work and live more authentically in life.

My curiosity and the will to analyse and really understand people gives me a lot of energy and gave me the opportunity to work more than 10 years as an HR-expert. I chose to become part of Watson because I love to be surrounded by a team with a common ground (oh yes, we all want to know how Sherlock’s brain works ;)).

My trademark

A curious and harmonious approach.

Maaike De Schouwer

Headhunter | Profiler | NLP coach | transformation trainer


I’m a people person, I get my energy from helping others in any way I can so they can focus on growing. As an Associate at Watson & Associates I have the opportunity to combine my love for people with the ability to handle a multitude of diverse tasks on a daily basis.

I have an extensive marketing background but consider myself to be a jack of all trades. I love interacting with people and get plenty of opportunities to do that when I take part in our recruitment and profiling assignments. But I’m basically involved in anything that needs to be done to move the business and our clients forward. I love taking on new challenges and looking for new ideas and acquiring knowledge, which I will then implement as quickly as possible. There’s no better time to act than right now!

My trademark

Jack of all trades

Vicky Korstanje

Recruiter | Profiler | Virtual Assistant