Vision & Mission

“The economy is changing faster than ever and more than ever, companies, departments and employees have to meet their targets every year. Society will always evolve and more than ever, people, teams and organizations want to feel valuable every day. ”

Have you noticed? Re-read the two sentences above … Do you now feel the difference? In fact, they say exactly the same thing, but the choice of words, the order and the nuance will probably make today, and especially tomorrow, the essential difference for your business.

If I have learned one thing in my +20 years of experience as a headhunter, profiler and coach, it is that change is not a revolution or campaign, but a natural and continuous growth process. That leadership is an undeniable asset and rarely a one-way story. And that EQ, in addition to IQ, is often the decisive factor that makes a story really successful.

Thrive as a person and inspire as a leader.

What started with a gut feeling for me, turns out to be the measurable strength of my success: better business starts with better understanding of yourself and your people, both internal and external, micro and macro.
New leadership is trusted leadership. Based on this conviction and expertise, I have developed Watson & Associates into a trusted partner in talent recruitment & development. No shit, Sherlock!