Watson & Associates

More than ever, we live in a world that is changing fast and is constantly moving forward. Thanks to people who continue to carry on every day full of good intentions. Due to beliefs like “standing still is going backwards” or “we need to focus on what ‘really’ matters” we try to keep on going.

While our belief is that you can run much better with the right shoes.

You improve your business with knowledge and expertise, but also with the right feeling. That sensation is exactly what can help your organization, your team and yourself to that extra (s) mile. Because if you feel that the shoe, no matter how hip it is, pinches … you won’t go far. And you won’t smile for long.

If I’ve learned something in my 20+ years of HR experience as a recruiter, profiler and business coach, it is that change should not only be a designed strategy, but should also be a sustainable growth process. That logic is an undeniable asset and works better with fingerspitzengefühl than with elbows alone. In short, IQ and EQ together form the perfect pair of shoes that make the business run better.

Taking the lead quick & dirty doesn’t pay long. In the long run, however, only the real front runners take their team in tow.

We believe that raising emotional awareness will really make a difference.

What started with a gut feeling also proves to be measurable strength of our success today.

Thrive as a person and inspire as a leader. Better understanding yourself and your people, both internally and externally, both micro and macro.

On that last I have turned Watson & Associates into a trusted partner in headhunting, profiling & developping talent in a changing world.

No shit, Sherlock. Just shoes.