About me

Thanks to my broad experience within the recruitment industry, my certified coaching training at The Coaching Square, certified leadership training at Management Drives and my bold powers of observation as a Master in reading Body Language and Micro-Expressions I want to guide leaders, teams and organisations in attracting, profiling and developing leadership talent.

I am inspired by people

When I started my career in the recruitment industry more than 20 years ago, it was all about connecting with people. I quickly learned a central truth about making connections: if you don’t reach people in the right way, whether it’s your team, your peers, your boss, a client, a colleague or a supplier… achieving your goals efficiently will always be difficult.

I am intrigued by what drives us

Why do people do what they do? Why do I do what I do?

Challenging your recruitment needs or your desires about your next career move and guiding you to think out of the box is my way of making sure you can grow.

Detecting and classifying your personal drives and behavioural characteristics as leader and providing you with a personal development plan to thrive as a person and inspire as a leader

Providing you with relevant insights and guide you towards authentic & inspirational leadership

Reducing interpersonal complexity in teams and organisations to unlock motivational patterns that drive you to enable your team and organisation to grow

I aim to inspire you

Take advantage of my experience and insights to reach the next level and feel valuable. Let me guide you, your team or organization to enjoy more success by taking full advantage of what inspires and drives you.

I’m all about results

I guide teams to become more decisive and work together with more harmony and efficiency so they can get things moving and fully enjoy who they are and celebrate what they have accomplished. I make sure innovative ideas are transformed into innovative action.

Every situation demands a different kind of leadership. Different people and different contexts need a different approach. That’s why it’s important not to look for the best leader, but for the right leader in a particular context. Only then will you find and keep the best talent.

A good leader is not someone who can do anything. A good leader effectively uses his core strengths and those of his employees.
I want to show you which roles and activities will suit you best and uncover the aspects of your job that require more insight into your inner drives. You will be able to steer your own behaviour and that of others more effectively.