Building Resilience

New dates will be announced soon!

Strengthen your resilience through hart coherence enables you to deal better with stressful times and embrace change. You will be able to take good decisions and help to create a sense of calm among employees.

This impacts the functioning of a whole organization in a positive way.

This program consists of 4 online sessions (2 hours per session).

Thanks to this training you will…

  • be able to sustain your energy level under pressure and perform better.
  • be able to reduce negative stress, mind wandering and concentration problems.
  • feel a positive effect on your general well-being.
  • notice the ROI (Return on your Investment):  alert, focused, improved performance and it only takes 3 times 6 minutes a day.

After this training you will be able to strengthen your resilience at any time with a simple breathing technique.

Training characteristics

  • A Step by step guidance to develop this skill
  • You will learn a simple breathing technique (evidence-based method)
  • You receive tools to support you (breath guide)

Content training 

  • You will know what stress does with your body and mind.
  • You will learn how your hearth influences your mind.
  • You will learn to influence your heart rhythm through a simple breathing technique.
  • You will get practical tips for daily use.


New dates will be announced soon!


129€ (VAT excl) per 2-hour session (per person)

This program consists of 4 online sessions;  total cost is 516€ (VAT excl)*

If you prefer an inhouse online training, you will receive a 10% reduction (min. 6p).

*You can use the KMO-portefeuille for this training

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Wendy van Nunen

Certified coach |Transformation Trainer