Certified Body Language Practitioner Program

According to research done by the World Economic Forum (Future of Jobs Report) the skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will continue to change in the years to come.

Emotional intelligence, is still featuring in the top 10 list in 2025 as one of the top skills needed in business today and tomorrow.

One thing is certain: the more you’ll work on your soft skills in addition to your hard skills, the more you’ll navigate easily tomorrow’s job market.

Increasing emotional awareness will help strengthen people’s management skills and the ability to coordinate with others.


Micro-expressions are brief, involuntary *expressions* that a person makes according to the emotions he or she is experiencing. Learning how to read them is very valuable in every interaction we have with others, because the face is the best indicator of a person’s emotions. Being able to read these will result in a more effective management of interpersonal complexity within your business, both internally as externally with stakeholders.

In fact, studies have proven that your emotional awareness increases with an average of 10% after this training.

HR professionals and other business professionals have testified that thanks to this training, not only has their self-awareness risen but also and most significantly their interaction with others.


Thanks to the practitioner certification training you will…

  • be able to see what someone feels (because you know 101 interpretations and the 7 universal Micro-Expressions)
  • discover your own authenticity and show it more powerfully
  • communicate more convincingly and efficiently in every conversation (because you see things that 99% of the time others are almost never aware of
  • be able to recognize the sincerest emotions and thoughts of a person in every conversation

After this Body Language Practitioner ™ Training, you are able to recognize the sincerest emotions and thoughts of a person in every conversation.  After completing the exam at the end of the course, you will receive a Body Language Practitioner ™ Certificate.

Training characteristics

  • Theory about 101 interpretations and 7 Micro-Expressions for daily applications
  • Practical analysis of hundreds of photos and film extracts
  • Intensive exercises to improve your personal Body Language

Content training

  • You will learn to see the emotions on someone’s face by recognizing Micro-Expressions
  • Analysis of hundreds of photos and film extracts
  • How can hidden intentions and unconscious information be found?
  • How do you use the knowledge and interpretations of 101 positions, attitudes and signals in real life and on a daily basis?
  • Intensive exercises to accurately recognize emotions during a conversation with someone.
  • Personal coaching on your own body language and how you get rid of sending unwanted signals yourself?
  • Recognizing lies: How do you notice someone is lying? How do you deal with it?
  • The alchemy of emotions: which unconscious powers drive and motivate people?
  • What do you say or ask in a conversation to get to where you want?
  • You learn the basics of the BLINK ™ conversation technique (a very powerful way of communicating)


September 16th and 17th 2021
October 9th and 10th 2021


Open training – 770€ (VAT excl) per person*
If you prefer an in-house training, you will receive a 10% reduction (min. 5p).

All covid rules that are valid at the time will be respected.
You can use the KMO-Portefeuille for this training

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Layla El Mourabit

Headhunter | Certified Leadership Coach | Master Coach in Micro-Expressions | Transformation Trainer