Interactive Sales Workshop

Are you an experienced sales professional looking for new ways to maximise your impact? Do you want to experience how you can take competenties like ‘active listening, presentations skills and close the deal’ to the next level? How can you do that?

By learning how to read your client’s body language and manage your own at the same time. Profiling your clients so that you can focus on their point of view during a sales process and adapt your style.

Thanks to this program

  • You will discover your own authentic sales nature and show it more powerfully.
  • You will communicate more convincingly and effectively in every sales conversation by using new conversation techniques.

During this 1-day workshop you will discover that there’s a lot more going on during every conversation.

And you will learn how to have more impact during each sales conversation.

You will be able to take your sales approach to the next level.


9/9 (Dutch)
7/10 (English)
12/10 (French)


This is a 1-day program

This program costs 250€*/per participant (minimum 12 participants) – excl. VAT

All covid rules that are valid at the time will be respected.
You can use the KMO-Portefeuille for this training

*Your seat is registered once we have received your payment.

Participants’ feedback about what they have learned

“Very easy to implement, immediately after the training. Powerful tool to work with.”

“Learning to present from your own strength.”

“Focusing on the customer’s thinking process.”

“Never thought you could have that much more impact during conversations.”

“Interactive workshop with new insights.”

“New insights about my own nonverbal communication.”

How can I sign up?

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Layla El Mourabit

Headhunter | Certified Leadership Coach | Master Coach in Micro-Expressions | Transformation Trainer