Learn to Lead

This program is the first step to Thrive as a person and Inspire as a leader.

Over the course of 3 days, we will guide the participants in developing their personal leadership ID.

During this program we will focus on the following 14 competencies


  • Emotional self-awareness
  • Self-regard (confidence)
  • Self-motivation (understanding personal motivators) & motivating others
  • Stress-tolerance


  • Emotional self-control
  • Ethical (lead by example)
  • Flexibility (adaptability) & innovative thinking
  • Resiliance

Social Awareness

  • Feedback loop
  • Communicating effectively (verbal & non-verbal) & positive attitude
  • Dealing with resistance

Relationship Management

  • Listen Empathically
  • Understanding interpersonal dynamics
  • Managing & achieving objectives (goal setting & planning and organizing)

Thanks to this program

You can become the leader you admire or wish you had met in the past. You will define who you are as a leader. You will be able to assess what behaviour is required and when to use a different approach.

You start developing your personal leadership ID and discover your purpose in your (new) role as a leader.

It’s a question of daring, leaving your comfort zone and doing it. You will grow, both professionally and personally.

After this program you are able to

  • Strengthen your general management skills
  • Become more confident and competent in your managerial role
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Give and receive feedback in a professional manner
  • Understand what drives you and others
  • Leverage the experience of others to grow your personal ID

Training Characteristics

  • Introduction to the six drives
  • Gain insight into the factors that motivate or demotivate people
  • Practical exercises to improve your leadership competences
  • Creation of your personal development plan

Building future inspirational leaders

We will start with the first step, which is the awareness session:

During this first step we give individuals insight into the factors that drive people. At the same time, based on their personal profile they will decide what they want to keep, develop and let go to be able to become future inspirational leaders.

  • The participants are introduced to what they should or shouldn’t do with a drive?
  • What color is their worst nightmare, but what happens if the connection is created?
  • The participants go through the program, looking at each Leadership Style.
  • They also receive tips on how to deal with drives which they find less easy to manage.

On the second and third day of this program we will start moving towards our goal:

  • Through role play (performance reviews, feedback conversations, development or assessment reviews) and other methods (games), they are confronted with the strengths and pitfalls of their own and someone else’s profile.
  • They will learn more about the limiting patterns and beliefs that block them from achieving their goal(s) and replace them with new thoughts and habits that can help them to become stronger leaders.
  • The participants learn more about how they perceive their behavior and how it is perceived by others (MD Feedback Questionnaire)
  • They learn the art of asking and giving feedback about behavior using different method, they learn how to handle objections, how to motivate others and self-motivate, assess their resilience (through the HeartMath coherence technique and nutrition advice), ….
  • They will learn the difference between listening actively and listening with empathy.
  • At the end of this module, they have converted the insight into a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

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Individual Development Session

Each participant prepares a presentation about their PDP to their N+1 (or internal coach), HR and the external coach of Watson & Associates.

During this session they get the opportunity to learn how to give a professional presentation.

Their N+1 (or internal coach) and HR can integrate this in their evaluation program and support the progress that the junior leaders have made until know and continue to work on their development areas.

To secure these new insights and the movements they have made

We make sure that at the end of this module, they have converted the insight into a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which they work on with a buddy from the group of participants or a coach.

They will receive their personal Management Drives profile and personal Behavioral Feedback profile

They will get access to the Management Drives App and be able to connect with their colleagues.

Our approach is unique because it makes a connection between

  • Organizational Development and Culture
  • Team Development and Culture
  • Individual Leadership Development

Our programs are all set up in 3 steps to secure real change


People, teams and organizations have leading thinking patterns which predict behaviour and motivation. Insight into these offers control.

Step 2: MOVING

Practice “new” behaviour and break through behaviour patterns.


Embedding “new” behaviour and continuous development for real success of change.


Dutch or English sessions:
Day 1: September 14th
Day 2: September 21st
Day 3: September 28th

French sessions:
Day 1: October 5th
Day 2: October 14th
Day 3: October 19th


This is a 3-day program

This program costs: € 1.950*/per participant (minimum 5 participants) – excl. VAT

All covid rules that are valid at the time will be respected.
You can use the KMO-Portefeuille for this training

*Your seat is registered once we have received your payment.

Extra options

  • Individual coaching sessions: 3 sessions of 1 hour (€ 750)
  • Individual HeartMath coherence technique sessions: 4 sessions of 1-hour (€ 290)

This program is available in English, Dutch and French

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Layla El Mourabit

Headhunter | Certified Leadership Coach | Master Coach in Micro-Expressions | Transformation Trainer