Teams & Organisations

For teams

Important topics that can be solved by our team coaching programs

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Team Awareness Program

This program gives insight into the factors that motivate people and the group dynamic.

By knowing each other’s drives you can grow together.

Team Development Program

This program is custom made and will be based on the results of the team awareness program.

After the awareness session we then move towards the goal and embed the new behavior in the team.

For organisations

Important organisational transitions

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Leadership Development Program

Drives determine how people act. Drives show which parts of the organizational development naturally receive more or less attention. We use 6 drives and each one stands for a step in the development of your organization.

Organizational performance Program

All the steps in the organizational development are important. The phase in which an organization finds itself and the context determine where more or less attention should be given. However, the individual and team profiles determine where the natural attention is focused. This insight means that conscious attention can be devoted to each step in the organizational development, based on the interests of the organization.