Reading Body Language and Social Cues

In these digital times communication via screens have become the most important way to tap into how someone is doing. Being able to read more that the words someone is sharing becomes a very welcoming talent. Therefore, we have created a body language program specifically for online contact.

This program consists of 4 online sessions (2 hours per session).

Thanks to this body language training you will…

  • be able to see what someone feels (being able to read the 7 universal Micro-Expressions on someone’s face)
  • discover your own authenticity and show it more powerfully
  • communicate more convincingly and efficiently in every conversation (because you see things that 99% of the time others are almost never aware of)
  • be able to recognize the sincerest emotions and thoughts of a person in every conversation.

After this Body Language Training, you are able to recognize the sincerest emotions and thoughts of a person in every conversation.

Training characteristics

  • Theory about 7 Micro-Expressions for daily applications (especially during video calls)
  • Practical analysis photos and film extracts
  • Exercises to improve your personal Body Language

Content training

  • You will learn to see the emotions on someone’s face by recognizing Micro-Expressions
  • How can hidden intentions and unconscious information be found?
  • Exercises to accurately recognise emotions during a video conversation with someone.
  • Personal coaching on your own body language and how you get rid of sending unwanted signals yourself?
  • The alchemy of emotions: which unconscious powers drive and motivate people?
  • What do you say or ask in a conversation to be able to really connect?
  • You learn the basics of the BLINK ™ conversation technique (a very powerful way of communicating)


02/02/21 – 09/02/21 – 16/02/21 – 23/02/21


129€ (VAT excl) per 2-hour session (per person)

This program consists of 4 online sessions; total cost is 516€ (VAT excl)*

If you prefer an inhouse online training, you will receive a 10% reduction (min. 6p).

*You can use the KMO-portefeuille for this training

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Layla El Mourabit

Headhunter | Certified Leadership Coach | Master Coach in Micro-Expressions | Transformation Trainer