As a candidate I have been collaborating with Layla, and I have been very pleased by her high level of professionalism and integrity through-out the process.
Also, Layla has demonstrated that she knows the needs of her client and able to answer most of my questions as a candidate during the pre-interviews.
Layla remained objective during the recruiting process and asked me the right questions both on my professional skills, but also on my soft skills and ability to operate in the work environment of her client.
What I also appreciated from Layla is that I have been able to clarify the main aspects of the job posting to be on the same page from the start and save time upfront for all the parties.
I enjoyed very much my regular interactions with Layla, who has been very pleasant and supporting. In her consulting role, Layla is really working for the interest of both her client and the candidate to have the right match.

Project Finance Manager

“To improve our commercial feeling during our daily phone contacts we asked Layla to set up a tailor-made program.
She met up to our standards by setting up a mix of theoretical and practical cases. The teams enjoyed an approach which gave them renewed insights.
Now they are able to interact with all kinds of clients. They lifted their service level to another degree by detecting client’s needs faster and more accurately.
Giving a commercial push to each contact is no longer and objection for this service minded team.”

Luc Baecke
VP | Cont@ct Center Manager , Deutsche Bank

“As a dynamic company with 2 strong leaders who are very much into visionary and conceptual thinking, we were looking for a sparring partner to work with us on our next steps in growing our company, our structure and our business strategy. A partner who could challenge us to look at things from an angle we weren’t so used to in fact. This is exactly the road that Layla walked with us. She took a down to earth approach, kept our feet on the ground, confronted us when needed and guided us in creating our mission, vision and strategy for the coming years. She challenged us to go out of our own comfort zone to further improve our communication skills, style and collaboration. This resulted in a clear vision and mission for our company. We now have a short term and long strategy in place which not only we but our entire team is motivated by so we can achieve the best results possible.”

Ingrid Jansen & Charlotte Wauters
Managing Partners, Gordium Solutio

“I received the opportunity from my employer to be coached by Layla in order to define my future career plans and identify my drives and ambitions.
We started by analysing my personality, my values and the results of the 360° feedback. These sessions gave me valuable insights into the way other people perceive me and into the ways I can reach my own goals.
Layla is a very good listener and makes connections very easily. This allows her to confront you with the things you say and put them into question when needed. When someone puts a mirror in front of you like Layla does, you are confronted with an unflinching view of who you are and you learn to look at your beliefs from a different point of view.
Layla never gave me the feeling I was being judged, she is a very strong motivator and coach. Thanks to her I have a clear view of the goals I would like to reach and how to reach them.”

Account Manager, Leasing Industry

Our team of 7 people – various profiles (engineers, (commercial) project leaders, ..) within the world of construction – had the opportunity and the pleasure of being analysed and coached by the Sherlock consulting agency.
Layla was very approachable before the coaching session and was able to intervene throughout the entire process thanks to a great capacity for analysis and empathy. The experience provided us with real tools and set us on a new path. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the professionalism of Layla, and because of this we are sending out a great big THANK YOU from Switzerland.

Losinger Marazzi
Chef de service Rénovation / Transformation Suisse Romande, Losinger Marazzi , Adrien Pradines

Layla inspired me to move forward with my career in a very professional manner. Her transparency together with her outstanding contact with my new employer really made the difference.

It was a pleasure receiving her help & coaching during the end to end recruitment process – no detail went unnoticed hence I am convinced if you get the opportunity to work with her you shouldn’t hesitate!

Service Delivery Manager

Aside from the quality of the proposed candidates, I measure a collaboration with a recruitment partner by its honest, direct and transparent communication. Watson & Associates definitely deserves outstanding marks on both criteria during the search of our new Service Delivery Manager. Layla was able to get a feel for our company culture and the kind of personalities that would be best suited for us. She stepped in to adjust and redirect when needed. Her guidance during the live shortlist presentation was also very professional and efficient. I am convinced that all the candidates had a similarly positive experience, even the ones that didn’t end up getting the job.

Lies Dekegel
Head of HR-Management, Kapsch CarrierCom Belgium

Layla coached me during the past few weeks to define and work towards my professional ambitions.
We discussed my values and interests and she gave me great insights on how to reach my goal.
Layla is a great motivator, a strong inspirator. She is down to earth, honest, strait forward and showing integrity.
I had total confidence in her as a person and coach.
I am convinced that what I have learned from her, will have a large impact on both my personal and professional future.

Griet Dantinne
Business Manager