Sherlock Consulting

Sherlock Consulting is a leadership consultancy firm that offers an integrated approach to develop organisations, teams and leaders.

We use a single key to unlock many kinds of potential, a tool that makes it possible to discuss things in a clear, common language without any prejudices.

Our effective approach reveals the hidden dynamics in your organisation, teams or leaders. It will guide you towards efficient initiation of change and secure real progress.

What keeps you up at night?


Are you looking for a real breakthrough?

It’s time to take a step back, discover underlying patterns and make real change happen.

“By showing the courage to change themselves, leaders serve as role models for the behaviour they expect from others.”
-Robert E. Quinn    

What can we do for you?

Be certain that your vision and mission -founded in a focused strategy and rooted in your organizational structure- is lived on every level of the organisation.

Increase your impact as a leader on the organisation and its culture.

Inspire your team to set clear goals, focus on the best ideas, stick to a practical planning, improve collaboration and take pride in who they are.

Motivate your sales team to find the strength and determination to reach the next level.

What can you do to make this happen?