Leadership development

We hold up a mirror that reflects the behavioural patterns of organizations, teams & leaders and dig deeper into the drives and beliefs that cause them.

Instead of tinkering with superficial symptoms, we want to see, analyse and use the drives and dynamics at the core of our values, beliefs, and ethical structures. Only then can change be truly internalised.

We don’t use a simplistic ‘everybody is a certain type’ model.

We don’t use a soft ‘everybody is special’ model, either.

We use a very specific, efficient toolkit for managing the deepest differences in people.

Our programs are based on the methodology designed by Management Drives, which honours the principles of Spiral Dynamics, a framework for understanding the dynamic forces in business. Other standard works that are integrated into the theoretical framework include ‘The Never Ending Quest’ by Clare W. Graves, ‘Psychological Types’ by Carl Gustav Jung and ‘The Logic of Feeling’ by Arnold Cornelis.

Discover our organisationalleadership, team & sales programs and get to the place you deserve to be.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
-Carl Gustav Jung